+Trinity Mar Thoma Church Welcomes!
Thought for the Week
Who is God to us? He is A – alive, B – beautiful, C – creator, D – deliverer, E – everything, F – faithful, G- generous, H – holy, I – I am, J – jealous for me, K – kind, L – love, M – merciful, N – noble, O – one and only, P – provider, Q – quick to forgive, R – redeemer, S – strength, T – strong tower, U – unchangeable, V – victorious, W – wise, X – exalted, Y – yes and amen, Z – zealous
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+Our Mission
Mexico Mission
The Mexico Mission shares the love of Jesus Christ with the fishermen of the Fantasia and Puntilla Norte Islands. These islands are located in the Gulf of Mexico, about 80 kilometers away from the mainland. The Trinity Mar Thoma Church of Houston joins this ministry by sending mission teams to the islands. The Mission Team conducts Health Clinics, House Construction, House Visits, and Bible Classes for the people of the islands. The mission team also provides food and clothes for the islanders.
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ManojAchen80Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness and it was a great experience for Him to carry out His mission.
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TThirumeniWe are grateful to Rev. Roy A. Thomas and family for their dedicated services among the youths. Our sincere thanks to Jibi Kochamma, Faith, Isaiah, and Jeremiah for their involvement in the Sunday School activities. Achen and his family have provided powerful leadership to the youth. We wish God’s blessings to Achen, Kochamma and Children as they server for the Glory of His Kingdom.
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TThirumeniMar Theodosius studied at Baselious College, Kottayam and Mar Thoma College Thiruvalla. After taking a degree in Science he joined Leonard Theological College and took BD Degree in 1972. His ordination as ‘Kasseesa’ was in the year 1973. In 1980 he took a Master’s Degree in Comparative Religions from Visva Bharathi University. In 1980 he took a Master’s Degree in Comparative Religions from Visva Bharathi University and Doctorate from Mc Master University, Hamilton, Canada in 1986.
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