Vicar’s Message

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The best word I have seen in the media among many to rightly describe this time is “uncertain.” We move like a ship sails dangerously caught up in a chaotic storm. But as Christians our belief in the promises of God should really help us to be assured of the presence of the “Lord of life” in our journeys. One who calms the storms and rebukes the sea is journeying with us. The context of our journeys does not matter much, but the leadership of the journey does. Deliverance from a troubled situation in life is always a possibility, but the success of any attempt in that direction is ensured by the decisive fact of who initiates and leads the people in that process. Let us strongly believe that God leads us through this crisis with His mighty Right Hand and the deliverance is for sure.

We need to salute all who are at the forefront to defend the people from this microbial enemy. We need to deeply appreciate the courage and commitment of the doctors, nurses, techs, support staff and many more at different hospitals across the country for the sacrificial services they are rendering in these days. It is good to see the churches including our church stand in solidarity with the victims of racial injustices in the US. We need to travel miles to the reach the realization of the biblical vision of being one people in Christ Jesus. Incidents like the George Floyd’s assassination had helped us to look into the sufferings and inequalities in the life of black communities in this country. Our dispositions towards our black fraternity should be built on serious consideration of their history in the country for the past 4 centuries and the aspirations of the people for a bright future for their generations. I’m happy to see the YF having some plans to support the programs to educate the black kids in small ways. I appreciate their openness and the intent to support this cause.

We have a special collection going on to support the victims of COVID-19 pandemic. You are urged to contribute in possible ways to support this cause too. Our intention is to work with agencies that support remedial programs among the poor and jobless people in the emerging contexts due to COVID. So far only less than ten people contributed to this cause.

We need to be grateful to God for allowing us to maintain our fellowship as the church community intact, even during these adverse times, through the alternate online platforms. I thank the AV team for their timely leadership in this matter. We are blessed with the presence of many achens and lay leaders to counsel and guide us during this crisis in our life. I thank them all for their leadership. Sunday School is doing everything to help the children continually learn the word of God. I appreciate the leadership of the Sunday School officers. I request all to support the VBS scheduled from July 23-25 in all possible ways. The church choir is taking extra efforts to make our services beautiful through their singing over virtual media. I appreciate the leadership of the choir leaders and office-bearers. The month of July is very special for all Trinitarians, as this is the month in which we celebrate our parish day. Let us remember the faithfulness of the God of our fathers, who made our journey as the parish for the past 46 years a blessed and rewarding experience. This time we have it on July 26th Sunday and we will try to celebrate it in the best possible way within our limitations. The executive committee has discussed and brought out a protocol to help us with the reopening of the church. I request all of us to follow it strictly to help ourselves stay safe.

All collections and offertories can be sent by either check to the vicar or the trustee or through online transfers. I suggest the “Venmo” app for online transfers as it does not incur any extra charges for both the donor and the recipient.

Thanking you all for your wonderful support to the ministries of the church in various ways. Thanks for checking on your neighbors, especially the elderly and those who live alone. Praying to God for strength and grace on all of us to survive these “uncertain” times. May God bless us all!

Yours in His love,

Jacob achen