Vicar’s Message

Dearly beloved in Christ,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

It gives me immense joy in addressing you once again as my extend-ed family in Christ. Praising God Almighty for the wonderful guid-ance that we as groups and families experience in these days. People advise each other to live “worry-free.” But what is it that really makes our lives worry-free? It is nothing but the surety of the incessant providence of our Heavenly Abba in all our everyday needs. We draw this assurance, strength and courage by looking back and knowing how marvel-ous was the care we experienced being the sheep of this magnanimous shepherd’s pas-ture.

On 4th Sunday in September, we reflect on confession as an attitude while experi-encing the presence of God. The Church’s consideration of confession as one of the 7 sac-raments of the church signifies the gravity of having this attitude as a perennial demean-or while we draw near the Holy presence of God our Lord. It acknowledges our imper-fectness in being God’s creation and our fallenness from fulfilling God’s expectations in our life. But it also acknowledges the perfect gift of God in Jesus in our life that makes our feeble, sinful human life perfect and eternal. Confession is a humble approval of our unworthiness to receive God’s life sustaining gifts in our life. According to the traditions of our church confession is a non-discountable element of all our worship services. Every worship urges the worshipper to come to God’s presence with a contrite heart. A broken heart is a premise for the blessings to follow.

The months of September and October are packed with many events in our church. I request all church members to generously contribute your time and talents for the blessing of those ministries. One of these events is the diocesan Sevika sangham confer-ence, when we will host about 400 people from different places in US for 4 days from Oc-tober 10-13. Our respected Philoxenos Thirumeni and Paulos Thirumeni will also be here to give leadership for the conference. I appreciate the hard work of Sevika Sangham con-ference committee who make preparations for the conference effectively. Our Edavaka Mission Convention starts on September 27 and I request all to come and be blessed through the hearing of God’s word. Please uphold the speaker Evg. Thomas Mathew in your prayers. Along with these events we are continuing the “Light to Life” project, which supports the poor school children in India. As it is time to send our support for the new academic year now, I request those who are interested to give your checks to Mr. T. A. Mathew or the trustees. Our Church banquet is on September 7th and almost all organi-zations are preparing themselves to present programs for the same. Let’s pray that it will be a gathering that builds our oneness and fellowship further. We have started a project to cook and distribute meals on every Tuesdays for our seniors, who experience sickness and named it Tribute Meals. The senior Fellowship of the church lead it with the help of volunteers from our church. The Edavaka Mission is organizing weekly visits of the sick on every Wednesdays from 09.30 am-12.30 pm. I welcome all who are interested to come and join these new initiatives.

The worship schedule and timings have some changes than usual and hence I request all to note the changes carefully. Thanking you all once again for the wonderful cooper-ation in the ministries our church. Its heartwarming to see a lot of youngsters coming and assisting us in conducting the Sunday worship services. The young generation must inherit that feeling of ownership of the church and its ministries from the older genera-tion. Overall, I believe we are moving in the right direction as Church, guided by the spirit of God. Let’s be humble and be submissive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

God bless us all!
In Christ’s ministry,

Jacob P Thomas achen