Vicar’s Message

Dearly beloved in Christ,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

Praising God almighty for the protection and guidance we as the parish is receiving from our heavenly Abba in these days. Though the winter was colder this year we could experience God’s care and protection throughout the season. The pollution caused by the incidents like Deer Park fire is a big concern. Let us trust in the mercies and grace of God who take care of human failures and grant us wisdom and courage to move beyond the tragedies. The Lent was a very meaningful time as we had the opportunity to come together as prayer fellowships all through the Lenten period in many of our homes. We could spend time in conducting liturgical prayers and reflecting on the word of God. I thank all lay leaders, who helped with presenting homilies during these gatherings.

I thank Isaac Mar Philoxenos Thirumeni for His Grace’s episcopal visit to our parish. It really encouraged us in renewing our commitment to the Lord. I thank all for your participation and leadership in the Passion Week services.

Philip Philip achen completed his tenure last month and moved to assume the new assignment back in India. Praising God Almighty for achen’s ministry. Roshen V. Mathews achen arrives on May 2nd and I urge all to support achen and family, especially in their initial months, to make their transition smooth and comfortable. I request you to uphold both the achens and families in your prayers.

I thank you all for the very encouraging support rendered in the project of purchasing a new parsonage in Pearland. I request all families to participate in it with a contribution of any amount. We are planning to have the dedication service of the new parsonage on May 12. Our church continues to grow and the challenges in its ministries are many. We need volunteers to steer various ministries of the church, especially in ministries to the old and sick. The ministry to the youth needs more reinforcement and the Young Families Fellowship need to meet regularly.

May is the month, in accordance with the church calendar, when we reflect on the appearances of the resurrected Lord to the disciples. The power that the resurrection brings into our life is indescribable. The feelings of failures, frustrations and fears are all been dispelled by the encounter of the risen Lord. “He is risen, indeed he is risen” was the way Christians greeted each other in the early church. Resurrection has become that prominent experience, which filled the church with exciting passion that propelled them in the mission of the kingdom of God. This resurrection power enabled the disciples to take up the commission of the Lord to make disciples across the world.

Our choir plays an incredible part in our worship to make them deep and meaningful experiences. I appreciate their sacrificial devotion in attending the practices and presentations regularly. We are setting apart a Sunday on May 26 for the rededication of the choir members.
June 9 is observed as the Environmental Sunday and we need to renew our commitment to the Lord to keep the life-sustainability of our environment.

I pray that the worships and ministries in which we become part of may be highly rewarding in terms of increase in the Christian fellowship among us.
May the good Lord continue to bless and guide us!

In Christ’s service,

Jacob P Thomas achen