Vicar’s Message

Greetings to one and all in the loving name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

I’m very happy and humbled for this opportunity to serve the Lord at the Trinity Mar Thoma Church, Houston. I praise God for the warm welcome accorded to me and my family on our arrival here in Houston. It is a great feeling to be among a people who love and prayerfully support you. I gratefully appreciate the hard labor of all the vicars who were in charge of our parish since its inception in 1974, especially Rev Mathews Philip, who was the immediate incumbent vicar. I’m also much appreciative of the support and leadership that Rev Philip Philip render to the parish in these days. Looking forward to the three years of our pastoral ministry with great hope and enthusiasm.

It’s quite an apparent feeling that the Trinity is a blessed community. God blessed us in manifold ways. Our journey began in 1974 with a few families and continues with over 375 families. Our church could birth another parish with about the same strength of membership a few years ago and a new congregation recently. Thus becoming a mother and grandmother church in the course its existence. All point to the massiveness of divine grace that we experienced as a faith community in the past. Our forefathers and foremothers toiled very hard to ensure this flow of blessing into our community forever. It’s our responsibility today to continue with the good work that they have undertaken in being faithful stewards of the resources that god entrusted them. I’m Happy that we could observe the 44th Parish Day in a most solemn way. This year’s VBS too was a great blessing. As the vicar, let me take this opportunity to appreciate the hard work put in by the Parish Executive Committee, Sunday School officers and the conveners of the VBS towards organizing both these events. It was great that the elder members of the parish too could come and experience a very warm and reassuring fellowship in the sidelines of the VBS. I appreciate those who gave leadership in organizing events for the elders.

The highlights of the next two months are Mission Sunday (Aug 05), Sevika Sanghom Sunday (Sept 09) and Senior Citizens’ Sunday (Sept 16). Mar Thoma Church is unique for its special accent on mission. It’s our responsibility to orient the young generation towards the vision of participating in the mission of God through the outreach activities of the Church. The Sevika Sanghom and Senior Citizens Fellowship have to plan the programs for their respective weeks and Sundays. Visits and prayers are to be organized to reach out those who are not able to come and be part of the worship services at the church. We also reflect on the sacraments of Holy Baptism (Aug 26), Holy Communion (Sept 23) and Holy Matrimony (Sept 30) during the next two months’ time. Sacraments reassure the experience of divine grace in decisive occasions and turning points in our life, especially when they are celebrated within the fellowship of the faith community.

I urge the faithful to keep in mind the immediate needs of the parish and the mission of the church and support all activities wholeheartedly. It is time for us to renew our commitments to the “Light to Life” project of the diocese. Those who are willing to participate in the project to procure the “Carmel Center Atlanta” can also send their donations to the diocese. We continue our search for a new parsonage in the Pearland area.

It’s good to visit the sick and lonely in accordance with their convenience. Make it convenient to attend the prayer fellowships in different areas. We hope all our ministries in the coming months will be means to experience God’s mercy and love for all who seek forgiveness, guidance and peace in their lives.

May the good Lord bless us all!

Jacob P Thomas achen