Vicar’s Message

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Praising God Almighty for the gift of another year in our life and all the possibilities that it brings to us. The dawn of a New Year is a time to refresh our lives; to get rid of all the baggage that slows us down in our commitments and commissions. Life is blessed when it is used for the glory of God. Let us look out for more opportunities to bring glory to God through our lives. 

I thank all of you for devoting your time and talents in 2019 for the build up of the various ministries of our church. The highlight last year was the sincere efforts we took to revive the Healing Hearts Ministry. This ministry helped many sick and aged members to feel a fellowship of prayer and care around them. I appreciate the coordinators without taking their names here. Tribute Meals is a new ministry that attempts to serve one time’s meal for the aged and sick in a week. A number of families come together with their labor, time and resources to make it a blessing. It is a humble beginning intended to serve the aging members of the church in more meaningful ways. We need innovation and improvisation to make it a relevant ministry for our seniors. 

We also need to very sincerely appreciate the contributions of our AV team. The hours that they spend to continuously improve the sound quality inside the church is really amazing! May the Almighty bless their efforts.

The proceeds from the Sevika Sanghom Conference will be used to help 50 women in India with their marriage. INR 50,000.00 will be gifted to each woman whose wedding is fixed. We thank the Sevika Sanghom of our parish for their blessed leadership in this regard. 

Our church already continues to thrive in 2020 with its ministry activities. The Youth Fellowship retreat is scheduled from January 17th-19th. Please encourage all the youth of our parish to come and join this event. 

Our choir will be having new auditions on February 8th and 9th. We expect many new members to join this blessed ministry with this audition. People who play musical instruments can also register with the choir. The newly-constituted choir will have a music workshop for a whole day on February 29th. Let me thank all who work hard to make this ministry a blessing for all. 

Efforts are on to bring out the best suitable design for extension to our present Sunday School facility. The team entrusted with that responsibility is doing a commendable job. Sunday School students are requested to give first priority to Sunday School classes. Other responsibilities, whatever it may be, are secondary to the Sunday School class sessions. Teachers are requested to take note, and do not allow your students to attend other events in the church during Sunday School time. First Communion for those who are completing 12 years of age by July will be conducted towards the end of June or the beginning of July. I request all of the parents of the kids who qualify for this to register for it. The schedule for the classes will be sent to you very soon.

In the next few months, “repentance” will be the theme we focus on, eventually leading us to the Great Lent. Being conscious of our imperfections is a prerequisite for living in an attitude of repentance. The presence of God always reminds us of the fact that we always have room to improve. Let our genuine repentance always lead us to experience the perfecting grace of God in our life.

Yours in His love,

Jacob achen