Assistant Vicar’s Message

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Let us thank God Almighty for letting us enter a new month in our life. Amidst this pandemic, God is so gracious to us and keeps us safe in his arms. Even though some of our members are affected by Covid, we are so blessed that all of them are recovering by the grace of God. As a faith community, we need to continue to uphold each other in our prayers and continue to increase our faith in God. God demands us to exhibit strong Christian values in this present crisis situation. We need to overcome this trial by motivating ourselves as well as others about the grace that we are experiencing from God. Even though the church building is closed and we are not able to be part of the Holy Qurbana, we need to keep our faith in God firm and utilize the fellowships that we are provided through virtual platforms to overcome our struggles.

As we enter into the month of August, we should be prepared to face new challenges in our life. Covid 19 has challenged and changed almost every aspect of our life and as it continues it’s impact on us, we need to make our own adjustments to cope up with it. A new academic year is about to begin and we have to support our kids to adjust and get used to the online classes. Let us also remember our youths who are joining for various courses in near and far universities. We need to continue to pray for our health workers and those who go to various offices for work as there is a rapid increase in Covid 19 positive cases. Also, we need to remember our seniors, who are almost in a locked down for the last few months in their own houses. They expect special attention from us and we should spend time in communicating with them using various communication methods that are available.

Prayer is a powerful weapon that God has handed over to us and this time demands a lot of it. Each one of us should dedicate time for personal and family prayer and also find time to be part of the various prayer fellowships that is arranged by our church and organisations. During our free time, spent some time in personal meditations and bible study as we have a lot of resources available. Let us not find excuses by mentioning our busy schedules as we can reorganise our schedules to find time for everything. I do appreciate our healing hearts ministry for the initiative that they take to arrange chain prayers and also to have WhatsApp group calls to those who are in need of prayer.

We thank you for your earnest participation & leadership in the spiritual gatherings as well as your contributions to the financial needs of the parish. We are so proud that during this 46th Parish Day we could distribute financial aid to various charity organisations and it all happened because of your prayerful support. Looking forward to your active participation in the Virtual Harvest Festival too.

I hope that the new month will provide us with some encouraging news regarding the Covid vaccine and shall allow us to gather in the church as soon as possible. Let us be optimistic and rely upon God’s grace. We are praying for you and shall continue to do that. May God bless us and keep us safe.

In His Ministry
Rev. Roshen V. Mathews

Assistant Vicar