Assistant Vicar’s Message

“Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”

Kerala recently witnessed one of the worst floods in its history. During the period of rescue and relief, there were stories of worries, threat, courage, heroism, compassion, confusion, despair, generosity, and we witnessed the compassionate hearts standing in support of Kerala and the affected communities. Media covered all possible stories and participated in relief operations, directly or indirectly. Both government and non-government stakeholders were concerned and stood by the survivors. At this occasion I thank all the parish members for your overwhelming and generous contributions towards Kerala flood relief works. Let all our efforts be useful to affected families and communities. Similarly I would like to appreciate all the coordinators, Y.F members and parish members who worked very hard towards the success of this Year’s Regional Sports Tournament hosted by our parish Youth Fellowship. The success of this event reminds us that if God is with us, we will be able to face the challenges that may come our way.

After summer vacation, our Sunday classes are started in its regular way. I appreciate all the Sunday school teachers for their commitment towards Sunday school ministry. In our present context, the new academic year of our Sunday school classes are very crucial in shaping our children with right perspective. However parents cannot leave the responsibility solely to the Sunday school. Parents are the basic faith teachers. What we taught in Sunday school need to be reinforced at home. Let us be renewed and share God’s word with the new generation.

The months of October and November are significant in our church lectionary as we have special Sundays allotted to all organizations of our church; thereby organizations of the Parish are given an integral part in leading the worship services in various capacities. These months are filled with various parish programs, starting with Sunday School Banquet on October 13th. We are fortunate to have our beloved Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Thirumeni in our parish on October 21st Sunday. He is known for his ecumenical spirit and visionary leadership. There will be a special service for the first communicants during the service. I am sure that Thirumeni’s visit will be blessing to all of us.

This year’s parish convention will be on November 16th -18th. Rev. George Varghese, former General Secretary of Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association will be the main speaker. Parish convention is not the time to boast that we are the best than the rest of the world but should kindle an earnest desire to become a better human being. It the time to nourish our mind with God’s shalom, to open our inner eyes to God’s Love and to direct our will to God’s imagination. Our Area Christmas Carol rounds will begin from November last week. Let us all meaningfully participate in these programs and be blessed. Let us meaningfully use our time and talents for God’s glory. As rightly pointed out by Patrick Ness “You do not write your life with words. . . You write it with actions.

With prayers,

Yours in His Service,
Rev. Philip Philip