Assistant Vicar’s Message

Dearly beloved in Christ,

As we are entering into a new month, let us thank God Almighty for the care and affection that he has showered upon each one of us in the past months. It is indeed a great blessing for me and my family to be with you from the month of May. Even though there was a delay in the arrival of Kochamma and kids due to her illness, God was so gracious to cure her completely that they could join us here in Houston on May 21st. We are so humbled and thankful to you for your great support and care that you all gave to us in these days.

I would like to acknowledge the services and support of our office bearers and Kaisthana Samithi members that they are rendering to us as well as the parish. It is a great feeling to have such support and brotherly love from our dear Jacob Achen and family as it really helps me a lot in getting adjusted to this environment and mode of ministry which is slightly different to what I have experienced in Kerala.

The first two months in Houston has given us a taste of what this parish is and what you ex-pect from our ministry as an assistant vicar and family. However, we know that there are many things to learn and that happens only when we get to know each family personally. I would like to ensure you all that, along with our Jacob achen’s able leadership, we are deeply committed to give our best in whatever ways we can. I do accept that there could be a few initial flaws and mistakes from our part, but kindly bear with us as we are in a process of learning things and understanding more about our parish, each family and their needs. Our humble request is not to compare our min-istry with that of any other achen, as each achen could be unique in their approach and understand-ing of ministry and our talents and abilities differ from person to person. We would be so happy to hear from you in person, if you have any suggestions and corrections, so that we can improve our ministry.

It is so pleasing to know that our YF as well as all other organizations are well or-ganized and are catering the needs of their respective members. All the office bearers deserve special appreciation for the commitment that they are putting forth. Along with Jacob achen, I too would like to encourage more members to take part in the ac-tivities of the organizations. It would be great if you were not limiting your services and presence to any one particular organization. We need to be part of every organiza-tion that suits our age. I would like to specially appreciate achen and our Healing Hearts members for the great ministry that we are doing among the old and the sick. I want to urge each of the other organizations to go hand in hand with the ministry of Healing Hearts so that we can show our gratitude and affection towards the sick and aged members who were once the pillar of our parish’s growth. In the upcoming months, we are getting the opportunity to be part of the Dioc-esan level conferences arranged by the various organizations of the diocese. It will be a blessing, if we can ensure that along with each one of us, a good number of par-ticipants from our parish are attending those meetings. Especially we need to pray for the Sevika Sangham Diocesan Conference, hosted by us. Kindly ensure that we are facilitating our Sevika Sangham members in our various capacities so that every-thing is arranged good.

Struggles are part of Christian life. Instead of complaining to God about our problems, we should boldly tell the problems that I have a GOD.
Let us remain thankful to God for His guidance in life.

May God bless you more in the coming months and shelter you safe in his arms.

In Christ’s service,
Rev. Roshen V. Mathews

Assistant Vicar