Vicar-in-Charge’s Message

“Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”

Nearly half of this year has passed from our life and we are in a mood to welcome one more summer season. Past experiences help us to find newness in the future. If we fail to find newness in our life then our life becomes monotonous.

It is the time of academic year ending and we have to praise God for the divine protection and guidance that our children experienced throughout the year. As per the Church Almanac, the first Sunday of June is observed as Educational Sunday. All parents are acutely aware of the importance of education in today’s world. They are keen to provide the best possible educational facilities to their children. But most people subscribe to the myth that education is what happens only in schools and colleges. So they assume that their role in educating their children is limited to getting them admitted to prestigious educational institutions. Many times, children struggle to understand the meaning and purpose of life in relation to God and world. There is a need today to educate parents to impart biblical knowledge to their children sensitively and creatively.

Sadly, the current model of education breeds apathetic elite with the culture of individualism. It upholds the myth that happiness consists in limitless material consumption. Thus consumerism is viewed as an inherently good ideology, wherein property, wealth and pleasure are highly important than people and just relationships. The failure to promote the spirit of selfless service is one of the foremost flaws of education today. The more educated a person gets, the less willing to serve he tends to be. This individualistic view of life has serious consequences not only for the society but also for the families that constitute it. Ironically, its worst victims are parents who are neglected by their children when they need love and care most.

With prayers,

Yours in His Service,
Rev. Philip Philip