Assistant Vicar’s Message

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Was as a worshipping community should strive hard to continue to move forward in unity and wisdom. It is wonderful to realize the amazing ways in which God keeps us safe. He touches our life through miracles, unexpected incidents, surprising opportunities and much more. Let us always thank him for every blessing that he is showering upon each one of us.

We, especially the Eastern Syrian churches, are observing 50 days lent. It is a time to remember the great love that God exhibited to us by sacrificing his only son on cross to pay for our sins. Observing Lent is not just Avoiding certain food, but rather it is a time for self-control. It is a period that reminds us about the struggles that our Lord faced during his journey to Calvary and during crucifixion. It also reminds the glory of Jesus, who left the greatness of heaven, to come down for us. He sacrificed a lot for us and the observation of the lent is an attempt to conform with is sacrifice.

The observation of the lent calls us to avoid the most favorite food habits and other luxurious life style and to share that amount that you save to the poor. A Lent becomes meaningful when we wholeheartedly observe it and adhere to the advice of helping the poor and there by seeing a smile on their face. As we get more opportunities to meditate upon his word, we need to open our hearts for Jesus and attempt to know him deeper.

I would like to appreciate the former Kaisthana Smithy members & organization office bearers for their valuable leadership and want to wish the new Kaisthana Samithi as well as the new organization office bearers all the blessings. Hope their leadership will guide our church into more heights. I urge your active participation in all the church activities and programs arranged by various organizations.

We are called to share to the world, the joy of the life in Christ that we are enjoying. We have a mission to know Christ and to let others know Christ. May these lent days help us for that and draw us closer to Him.

In Christ’s service,
Rev. Roshen V. Mathews

Assistant Vicar