Vicar-in-Charge’s Message

“Dearly beloved in Christ”

This is indeed a great pleasure to address all of you through this newsletter. I thank God for the providence and spiritual nourishment that we experienced in these days.

At the outset, I congratulate all the graduating students of our parish. They worked hard in their own way, though it may not be up to the expectations and calculations. I wish all the success in their future studies. God has a purpose about your life. Try your level best to bring out the full potentials within you. 

Our parish Day is on July 16th Sunday and our Diocesan Secretary, Rev. Denny Philip will be the chief Guest for this function. The Parish Day celebrations will definitely challenge us to pursue our vision with a renewed passion, a passion for dedicated action. Similarly July 23rd Sunday is set apart as Harvest festival. This is the time we remember God’s blessings in our life. All the proceedings of Harvest festival will be solely utilized formission activities.

The much awaiting V.B.S will be on July 13-15. The Theme of this year’s V.B.S is “Hero- Discover your strength in God” The ultimate aim of V.B.S is to help the children to find the real meaning in life by knowing Jesus more personally. Without the noble guidance from God, education cannot make us wise, rather it can gives us only fragments of information. The one of the distinctive aspects of Trinity V.B.S is the enthusiasm and participation of our older generation. This functions as the Annual festival of Trinity in terms of fellowship and togetherness. Grandparents and parents are the basic faith teachers. What we taught in V.B.S need to be reinforced at home. Let us be renewed and share God’s word with the new generation. 

This year’s Edavaka Mission Convention will be on August 10-12. Rev. William Abraham, Vicar of C.S.I Church Houston will be the main speaker. It is the time to open our inner eyes to God’s Love and to direct our will to God’s imagination.

Let me conclude this note by giving a small thought on prayer. During times of affliction, we pray, but also we worry. We worry and pray. Most of our prayers spring from fear and worry. However, God wants us to trust and pray. Remember, trust and worry doesn’t ever go together. They are oxymoron- contradictory words.) If you trust, you cannot worry and if you worry, you cannot trust. When you are afflicted, if you trust in a God, who is concerned about you and who is able to help you, your prayers will spring not from worry or fear, but from faith.

With prayers,

Yours in His Service,
Rev. Philip Philip